Ginger Press House is the result of a shared need to create. The company is a collaborative duo, made up of Madeleine Althammer and Alexander MacPherson, who met while working as photographers at a portrait studio in Vancouver, BC. Having mutual interests in art and formal educations in photography, design, illustration and print, it only made sense that we put our knowledge and skills together for our own benefit.

We have many creative directions we want to take and Ginger Press House is the umbrella we work under. Our current focus is on Rippers and Chillers – a clothing brand that exemplifies our modus operandi of balancing work and play.

Madeleine, originally from Germany, is a writer, a multimedia artist and an editorial, portrait, product and fine art photographer. As well as a diploma in digital photography from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, she is also a recent BFA grad from Emily Carr University, where she learned to harness her myriad of skills in a more focused and articulated way. 

Alex, originally from Nova Scotia, is a graduate from NSCC in both Photography and Graphic Design. He has primarily leaned towards photography, specializing in portraits, studio photography, real estate and architecture. Ginger Press House has motivated him to revisit and refresh his design skills and education that he utilized while working in the print industry.

This website acts as a portal to our personal photography pages, our clothing brand Rippers and Chillers, and, in time, our collaborative creative efforts as MAxAM.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support!